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Techniques and tricks in precision machining

Updated time  2010-01-04 18:01 read

Although there are some details in the production process of machinery industry, if we can get inspiration from them, we can draw inferences from others. For you to sum up a master craftsman of the mechanical processing industry to provide the tips for your reference.

The first is to remove the jaws of the vise, and to process two M4 threaded holes. The two pieces of steel plates that are thick and 1.5mm thick with the jaws are 2. The hard brass plate with thick 0.8mm is riveted with the aluminum rivet rivet, 3 is fastened to the nipper by M4 countersink screws 1, and a durable soft jaw is formed. This can also protect hardware parts from being broken and interchangeable.

Knack two: it is not convenient to absorb and take small parts by magnet. It can absorb 2 iron plate under the magnet 1. Not only can it suck many small pieces, but also pull the iron plate open, and the small pieces will automatically pour into the collecting box immediately, which is not enough to move, but it is very practical.

Three tips: belt drive, belt wheel and wheel axle often slipping on the axle with 15~18mm of chamfering drill a series of nest, which can form adsorption force, to prevent slipping, turning waste into treasure, boss will reward.

The trick four: when the inner six angle wrench is short and can not be put into force, the wrench can be inserted into the slot with the inner diameter of the wrench a little bigger than the wrench in the slot, which can be used as a long handle.

Knack five: for the workpiece to be first positioned and clamped, but for a workpiece, it first clamps and repositioning, because when clamping, it will certainly try the workpiece deformation, so it should first clamped and positioned again, for the 6 point positioning, find its limit of freedom.

These tips and knocks are mostly found by employees in their daily work. These tips do not really represent anything, but when you use more, they can bring a lot of benefits for companies, including themselves. I hope you will find these little tricks and tips in the future.