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The application of precision machining in electronic products

Updated time  2010-01-04 18:01 read

Electronic products are related products with electricity as the foundation, including the intelligent mobile phone, electronic watches, computer, video recorders, etc., these products are almost everyone in daily life more or less will be used, and the mobile phone and computer, is almost essential staff. But do you know that most of the parts that are inseparable from you are made of precision machined parts.

First of all we know very well that when we get a heart mad for iPhone mobile phone, or heart program ape has long Mac computer, will be equipped for some coat (protective shell or protective cover), because if the bare ground bump, it is easy to cause the equipment shell scratch, thus affecting the appearance. These we carefully protect equipment from the shell, precision machinery processing, iPhone from the sixth generation will use the so-called aircraft grade aluminum magnesium alloy shell, and currently on the market mainstream brand mobile phone is also most of the use of aluminum magnesium alloy, the advantages of light weight, high strength, good heat dissipation. However, because of its complex processing, it needs precise machining to achieve very high accuracy.

To a certain extent, it is seamless with mobile phone and waterproof and dust-proof, so the price is high.

Of course, this technology is used not only for the shell of the mobile phone, but also with many metal structures inside the cell phone. In order to ensure compatibility between machine and parts and stable performance during operation, parts are required to have high accuracy. Therefore, such parts without standard parts fall into the production of large processing plants in China.

From the above it is not difficult to understand, parts, such as nuts, shell inside the notebook computer, the electronic watch movement, a hand, buckle all the corresponding use of precision machining technology. This technology is widely used, but we don't have much attention and understanding in our outsiders. We can imagine how amazing our life would be if this technology had a qualitative improvement in the process of studying.